Annual Service Made Easy

The No Delay Belay Program — our premium service option for existing TRUBLUE owners — eliminates all the pain points of annual recertification by automatically delivering a ready to hang TRUBLUE before your current device is due for service. Swap them out at your convenience and send the old one back in the prepaid shipping box. Never be down an auto belay, and never forget your service date!
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No Delay Belay Program Details

Keep All Your TRUBLUES Serviced on Time with No Headaches or Hassle

  • All-inclusive No Delay Belay service packages start at $45.95/month per device*

  • Shipping fees, recertification and one new webbing installed at the time of service included free of charge per year

  • Lifetime warranty on all devices in the program, no extra replacement parts or inspection fees

  • No boxes to store or dates to remember

  • For existing TRUBLUE owners and operators

  • 12-month contract required

* Available in the US only

* TRUBLUE iQ, XL, and Speed are $49.95/month. TRUBLUE iQ XL is $55.95/month. TRUBLUE iQ+ is $59.95/month. TRUBLUE iQ+ XL is $65.95/month.

Begin the No Delay Belay Enrollment Process Today!

Eliminate downtime, missed service dates (save on late fees!) and rest assured that your device is compliant with safety standards. Take the first step in starting your enrollment in the TRUBLUE No Delay Belay Program — complete this form to get in touch with a member of our team about premium service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I actually own a TRUBLUE in this program?

Yes, you do own a device, however unlike traditional ownership you will get different physical units after each service. Think of this program like a propane tank exchange program.

What condition will my replacement TRUBLUE be in?

All replacement devices shipped out to members of the program will be completely serviced with a fresh webbing.  Since these are part of a fleet there may be cosmetic wear to certain areas, however they are functionally perfect and will have no major external damage.

What happens if I opt out of the program?

If you choose not to renew your contract you will assume ownership of the device that you currently have, and must continue to keep up with annual service on your own. You’ll lose the webbing, shipping, and warranty benefits, but there are no other penalties.

Does the program cover all webbing replacements?

The No Delay Belay Program includes one new webbing per year, which comes installed on your device when it is shipped to you.  You are responsible for all daily inspections and to purchase and replace webbings as needed between service dates. 

When will I receive my replacement device in the mail?

All replacement devices will be shipped 10 business days before service is due on your current device. With average ship times this will leave facilities a full week to change devices before service is due.

When do I send my old device back?

After you receive your freshly serviced replacement device you can change it out at any time before the service due date. Within 5 days of the service due date, expired devices should be packed and returned to Head Rush using the included return shipping label.

What happens if I need service before the due date?

In the unlikely event of your device needing to be sent in for inspection or service outside of the normal annual schedule, contact Customer Service and if it’s determined your device needs repairs, they will arrange a shipment of a replacement device and facilities can follow the same steps as they would for annual service.

My device is overdue for service, can I still sign up?

If your device is overdue for service it will need to be brought up-to-date with its annual service prior to enrollment. To do this, you will need to pay for a full price service, including any late fees and/or replacement parts. After that you can sign up any time.

My device is due for service in less than six weeks, can I still sign up?

Devices due for service within the next six weeks must first pay for a regular annual service in order to sign up for the No Delay Program. After that, devices are immediately eligible for enrollment in the program.

Is this program available worldwide?

At this time the No Delay Belay Program is only available for customers using the Colorado based Head Rush headquarters for service.

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