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With over a billion climbs a year in 60+ countries on 6 continents, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay is the Most Tested, Most Trusted and Most TRU Auto Belay on the market

Our innovative magnetic braking technology is extremely reliable, smooth and long lasting. The braking is friction-free with no contacting parts. What does that mean? Find out more below.
engineering design of a TRUBLUE Auto Belay showing the inner mechanisms of the device.

When the webbing is pulled out of a TRUBLUE Auto Belay by a participant’s weight, centrifugal force sends aluminum rotor arms spinning into the magnetic field within the device. The movement of aluminum past magnets creates the eddy currents within the aluminum arms.

Eddy currents are circular electrical currents, named because they flow like eddies in a river. The force of the eddy currents opposes the force of the magnets, therefore providing resistance and slowing the release of webbing from the device. Want to dig deeper? Take a quick physics lesson to learn more about the science behind magnetic braking.

Our braking system is self-regulating, meaning it adjusts automatically based on the participant’s weight. A heavier participant will pull the webbing out at a faster rate, causing the rotor arms to move faster and move further into the magnetic field to create an increased braking force. This allows a wide range of weights to enjoy a similar and consistent experience with TRUBLUE devices.

TRUBLUE is the Most Tested Auto Belay in the world

TRUBLUE is the most tested Auto Belay in the world

We believe in testing our equipment to the strictest standards. We have an awesome responsibility as the world leader in Auto Belay manufacturing to take the lead in regulation and safety requirements. With roughly one billion descents a year on our devices around the world, we have the most tested auto belay on the market.

  • EN341:2011 is the CE standard for Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height – Descender Devices
  • EN360:2002 – is the CE standard for Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height – Retractable type fall arresters

TÜV SÜD tested the TRUBLUE devices to 10x Class A, as newly required for all auto belays. The TRUBLUE was the first Auto Belay to meet this standard and led the way in meeting the most stringent requirements. We are also certified as meeting the requirements of EN360:2002. This means our device is designed and certified for shock loads.

Why it’s important?

Every day, gyms, competitions, camps, etc. have a choice to make when they pick an Auto Belay for their business. They can choose the best, or they can choose one that tests to a lower standard. With lives hanging, we fully believe that going with the device that is the most thoroughly tested is the only option.

TRUBLUE is the most trusted Auto Belay in the climbing world

The most advanced Auto Belay ever created

The TRUBLUE Auto Belays have completed over a billion climbs a year, exist on 6 continents, and climbed on in over 60 countries around the world, making it the most widely used and trusted auto belay on the planet. How do we know we’re the most trusted? The biggest climbing wall builders in the world trust our product over all others. The best Fun Climbs in the world trust our products more than any other in the world. The busiest camps, trampoline parks and amusement parks all know our product is the best and trust their customers on it every day. With our magnetic braking technology, we’re confident our product will stand the test of time.

Did you know?

Magnetic Braking eliminates parts grinding against each other in the braking process that could eventually wear out and create risk of failure like you would see in a friction braking scenario.

TRUBLUE Auto Belays provide the most true climbing experience

A TRU climbing experience

The TRUBLUE’s TRU CLIMB™ Technology is engineered to offer the most “true” climber feel in the Auto Belay industry. Thus, the climber only feels the presence of the belay on their harness when they need it most (i.e. the fall or descent). Our TRUBLUE SPEED is built to handle the speeds of the fastest climbers in the world. Its magnetic “eddy current” braking offers a reliable, smooth, and consistent descent, cycle after cycle. This is unlike friction braking devices which experience brake fade and may become unusable when wet and/or increased descent speed during heavy use. Proprietary “self-regulating” design enables a smooth and similar descent regardless of weight, whether you have a 25 child climbing or a 300 lb Olympic weight lifter, they’re going to have the same experience.

You can feel the difference.

The original recreational auto belay was built from an industrial safety descent device. Very little attention was paid to how the device would feel on the ascent portion of the climb. Feedback from our founder, who owned the Boulder Rock Club at the time, was that people, especially lighter weight people, were being helped up the wall. This was crucial feedback that went into the design of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

How does it work?

Watch these videos to learn more about the inner-workings of the magnetic braking devices you love and trust.

Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Demonstration Check out our magnetic braking demonstration with the TRUTube

Tech Talk: Eddy Current Technology Head Rush Technologies is best known for the unique eddy current magnetic braking technology used in our devices.

Engineering Adventure: The Passion Behind the TRUBLUE Auto Belay's Technology Follow Lab Tech, Tim Davis, as he explores his passion for climbing and Research and Development

Leading the Way in Climbing Technology

Climbing, in some form has been around since the beginning of time. Like many other sports, ingenuity and innovation started to rise and take hold as the sport of climbing became more mainstream. These innovations have increased safety and access to the masses, creating an entire industry surrounding what was once an explorer’s sport. Check out the timeline below to see how TRUBLUE is shaping the future of the belay, and the sport of climbing as a whole.
the history of the belay

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