Chris Sharma climbing on a TRUBLUE Auto Belay in an indoor rock climbing gym.

Chris Sharma

Professional Climber & Climbing Gym Entrepreneur

Chris Sharma’s preternatural climbing ability and visionary first ascents have earned him an enduring reputation as one of the world’s best rock climbers. This American professional athlete, ambassador, and entrepreneur from Santa Cruz, California has been on a global odyssey, now two decades in the making, in search of the planet’s most difficult and beautiful rock climbs. Sharma has dedicated years of his life to discovering and climbing singular, aesthetic, and seemingly impossible routes—always with his humble, meditative approach and powerful, dynamic style of movement. Today he continues to climb at the world standard, pushing the limits of what’s possible and always reimagining the direction of his remarkably storied climbing career.

Sharma’s contributions to the sport are numerous; including climbing the first routes rated 5.15a and 5.15b in the world, and establishing the grade of 5.15c. Over the years Sharma has popularized various genres of climbing, from bouldering to sport climbing to “psicobloc” (aka deep-water soloing). Psicobloc involves climbing ropeless up the sea cliffs of the Spanish island of Mallorca with nothing but the ocean to protect you in the event of a fall. His signature route here is Es Pontas, which climbs the underbelly of a magnificent arch in the middle of the ocean.

Sharma has been a leading force in the climbing industry. Chris has continued to grow his impact on the sport of climbing through the opening of several climbing gyms, including several Sender One locations in California, as well as Sharma Climbing facilities in Barcelona and Madrid.

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